Leaving Moab

Departed Portal in Moab, UT at 9:10am

It was a fairly scenic drive across Interstate 70 headed west to I15, but slow due to mountain grades in several places. We passed through a portion of canyon that looked like a smaller piece of Canyonlands with pretty rock formations, dynamited away to make room for the Interstate. Unfortunately, all the rest areas and scenic turnouts were in the morning, so that when we were ready to have lunch, we were hard pressed to find a place with even a big parking area. Finally, On I15, Dan exited where there were several truck stops, and we parked behind a restaurant that we were both sure we had eaten at sometime in the past while driving the Monaco, but we only used the parking lot to make a quick sandwich so we could get on down the road. When we arrived in Leeds, UT, to spend the night, we discovered Leeds to be nothing more than a small neighborhood with great views of the surrounding red rock formations and mountains. Our overnight reservations were made more than a week before due to the lack of big rig accommodations in that particular area, and although less than a mile from the interstate, with many turns, we found the park easy to find. When we pulled into the Leeds RV Park and Motel entrance, I was a little apprehensive as I looked around at all the trailers and very SHORT motorhomes in what was obviously a very tiny park with lots of trees. After checking in, we were guided to our site on what luckily, was a very wide, gravel road. Site 39 best we could tell, is the best place in the park for an oversized rig. We good, 50 amp service and tall trees for afternoon shade. The trees did render our satellite useless, but that was not problematic due to good cable service to the site. The site was certainly shorter than us, but it seemed to be no problem having the car overhang into the wide street behind us, and many of the units around us looked pretty permanent. This park was another example of mostly being a trailer park with permanent residents with a few pull through sites for overnighters, but the grass was lush green, beautifully manicured, and the whole park had a very neat and tidy look about it. I cleaned the bugs off of Kit’s face, and celebrated the really nice, mild temperature with a walk about what there was of Leeds, which did not take very long. Undoubtedly nothing more than a suburb of St. George, there were only a couple of businesses in the whole town, and one good sized, attractively maintained Mormon Church, but sidewalks lined Main Street, which was virtually all just one big residential area. As the closest “town” to Zion national Park, some of the traffic through town brought business to the two RV parks and one tiny motel that was a part of our RV park.



for an overnight stay. Site #39 Quiet, easy access from I15, pretty

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