Scenic Hwy 128

With the same ugly forecast, we had decided to take another day off on Thursday, but once again the skies cleared during the morning. By noon, Dan was bored with sitting around, so after lunch we headed out for a scenic drive north on Hwy 128, only moments from our RV park entrance. The drive took us through a particularly scenic portion of the Colorado River canyon and in under 20 miles, we turned off the paved highway at a rock formation called Fisher Towers. A short drive up the gravel road, which was pretty smooth with a few exceptions, took us to the base of the magnificent red rock formations, a primitive campground, and a trailhead. Not prepared for a hike, we thought we would save the 4.6 RT hike for another trip, but Dan did go up to take several pictures while I wondered around the area. When we left, a few drops of rain began to fall, which turned into a tiny, brief shower by the time we started down the paved highway headed back home. The weather pattern that had been plaguing us since we arrived finally appeared to be moving on, and the result was to be cooler, clearer days, and blissfully crisp nights. After a short trip into town to get fuel and yet more groceries, we were set for our big adventure the next day.

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