Flashing red light

When I woke up on Sunday, October 3, still disoriented because we weren’t in Creede, the first thing I noticed was a flashing red light at the front of the coach that was different. Flashing red does not usually indicate good things, so upon closer examination, I discovered the leveling system was unhappy, possibly related to the air pressure issues. I was nervous as a cat until Dan got up and I asked him about the light. He and I had come to the same conclusion (he had seen the light during the night), and we hoped we were both right. Our proposed and hopeful explanation: when he had hit the battery disconnect switch to keep the drain off the batteries, it probably had affected the leveling system. Once we were ready, he started the engine, and once again, we had the odd hissing noise, but when he moved forward to hook up the car, the air pressure seemed to build, and he assured me by the time we got the car hooked up that things were okay. Our escort arrived (it is such a narrow road out, the park escorts big rigs), and we wound our way through the tight, narrow, and very long exit road. Once again, Dan assured me all the readings were okay, but he seemed to spend a lot of time looking at the glass dash.

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