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Saturday, October 2, 2010, we had a relaxed day, the first in a while. I fixed a large, late breakfast and we left to run errands shortly after noon. Most importantly, I wanted to go all the way up to Honeyville to purchase a big supply of their raw, overpriced honey, which I was particularly fond of. Because it was Saturday, lots of people were visiting Honeyville, but we managed to find what we wanted and ended up with at least a half gallon of the raw honey to take back to Texas, ostensibly to share. There was also a Wal-Mart stop, gasoline stop, a City Market run, and finally, an important stop at Serious Texas BBQ. I had done some research and found that City Market also had a store in Moab, so that I did not have to buy the Durango store out. There would be opportunities for more food purchases in Utah. But we got a little overwhelmed by the smell of BBQ smoke when we entered Serious Texas BBQ, and the nostalgia created a buying frenzy there. We came away with a full rack of ribs (a really big one!), a pound of sliced brisket, and at least a half pound of the Elgin,TX, sausage. A combination of a late breakfast, no lunch, and the smell of BBQ in the car caused us to attack the ribs the moment we got home, but we held off on everything else until later in the evening.

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